Our Name and Logo 

One Equal Heart’s name comes from the Tseltal expression “jun pajal co’tanic,” which means “our one, equal heart.”

Our name reflects the spirit and spirituality of the Tseltal Maya, who believe that to live well, we must live in harmony, building relationships with each other and the Earth that are respectful, reciprocal, and sustainable.

Our logo is the result of a collaborative effort between members of the One Equal Heart team and CEDIAC staff members in Chiapas. Guided by our volunteer graphic artist, Amy Fouke, our logo includes:

  • Corn, central to the sustenance, spirituality and way of life of the Maya Peoples

  • Colors of the four directions (red, black, white, and yellow) and the color representing the Earth (green).

  • Heart, an essential touch point for Maya Peoples, the life force coursing through the universe, and the key to living in harmony with the Earth and each other.

Our logo reflects not only Tseltal Maya culture and spirituality, but also our commitment to collaboration and shared decision making with our partners.