Our Nonprofit Partners


One Equal Heart strengthens indigenous leaders and their communities by partnering with Mexican nonprofits to design and implement community-based projects.

One Equal Heart partners:

  • Are non-governmental, nonprofit organizations that operate with integrity and have earned the trust of the Tseltal Maya;

  • Responsibly administer program funds and are independently audited on an annual basis; and

  • Work directly with Indigenous communities and their leaders on community-driven projects.

Indigenous radio staff: Gilberto, José Angel, Amalia, Herminia

Indigenous radio staff: Gilberto, José Angel, Amalia, Herminia


CEDIAC (Center for Indigenous Rights, AC.)

CEDIAC is a nonprofit organizations that works hand-in-hand with Tseltal leaders to improve the living conditions of Indigenous families and communities, promote and practice sustainability, advance indigenous rights, and defend culture and territory.

Since 2006, One Equal Heart has partnered with CEDIAC on projects related to agroecology, human rights, health, and traditional knowledge. To learn more about CEDIAC, visit their Facebook page.

Previous Partners: Cooperación Comunitaria

Cooperación Comunitaria is a nonprofit organization based in Mexico that provides on-site training and support so communities learn skills to build their own sustainable living and learning spaces using traditional techniques adapted for greater resistance to climate change and other challenges.

One Equal Heart collaborated with Cooperación Comunitaria to design and implement a pilot project in 2018-2019, in response to a request by the Caretakers of Mother Earth; Tseltal men, women and youth who volunteer their communities to provide training and support for agroecology.

The pilot project included an exchange of Indigenous leaders from Chiapas and Guerrero who shared knowledge and experiences and led workshops on techniques used in ecological farming and adobe construction. In March of 2019, our sustainable adobe pilot project concluded, and the Caretakers went on to successfully complete construction of a building they plan to use as cooperative store and project coordination center. To learn more, visit Cooperación Comunitaria’s website.