One Equal Heart’s Founding Executive Director Shares Exciting News!


Dear One Equal Heart Family,

I am thrilled to welcome Karin Columba, our new Executive Director!

Karin brings over 20 years of deep experience working alongside indigenous and rural communities all over Latin America to realize their vision of living well and sustainably on their ancestral lands.

Thanks to YOU, One Equal Heart is ready to take this next important step in our journey.

For the past 12 years, you have nurtured One Equal Heart’s growth by inviting your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to join you in supporting indigenous communities to drive their own development according to their priorities and their vision.

As our collective impact has grown, so has our organization, with significant milestones along the way:

  • moving from meetings around a kitchen table to operations in a real office

  • developing an independent Board of Directors of passionate and committed people with a variety of gifts, skills and perspectives

  • offering a unique internship experience for dedicated university and college students

  • adding paid staff to handle ever-growing demands of multiple projects to connect indigenous communities with tools to thrive

  • growing our budget and impact in Chiapas through your generous donations and strategic grants.

During this special time, it has been my honor and delight to serve as One Equal Heart’s founding Executive Director.

Your support and encouragement has been critical in helping me grow as a leader. Thank you.

I am also thankful for many Tseltal leaders in Chiapas who have shared their wisdom and vision to help guide my decision making as Executive Director, including my decision that it is time for me to move aside so that someone else can lead!

One of the most important jobs Tseltal leaders do in their communities is to prepare the next generation of leaders, walking with them as they step into their roles.

In that spirit, I will be staying on in a supportive capacity to our new Executive Director, sharing what I have learned and connecting her to wonderful people like YOU who make possible our work here and in Chiapas.

At this important transition, please join me in supporting our new Executive Director with your continued financial support so that our mission in Mexico grows and thrives!

With gratitude and abrazos,

Jeannie Berwick, Founding Executive Director

Karin Columba